Why Work With Us

Local Presence

Local Presence:

Using a local contractor stimulates local excitement in your project. Having our project team that lives in the area and using subcontractors specifically from this area speaks volumes about the commitment being made to the community. Everyone working on this project will spread the excitement and take personal pride in making sure that any project will be the best it can be.

Owner Oriented Style

Owner Oriented Style:

Your project is our project. The high level of service, attention to detail, quality, value and care we expect on our own projects would only be exceeded with what we provide you. It is our nature.

We understand what an owner wants to come away with at the end of the day; a long lasting successful project they can be proud of.



A project and a company for that matter is only as good as the people it has. PAR-10 is fortunate to have people that have built their careers with integrity, professionalism, high performance standards, dedication and customer service and with a common goal; success for our clients. Our project team is very experienced and brings all of those traits to your project in an effort to make the construction process smooth, fun and produce an exceptional product.



Many items can go into the word VALUE. Our belief and company values incorporate all of the items above to add up to VALUE. No one will work harder to provide best value in terms of project cost, content and quality.

Subcontractor Commitment

Subcontractor Commitment:

As everyone in this business knows, the quality and value brought by the subcontractors and their trades-people are a key piece of the success puzzle. First, we canvas the subcontracting community to find the most competitive pricing. Second, we review an in depth scope of work, and qualify their ability to meet our project goals. We ensure quality workmanship. We have an outstanding relationship with the subcontractors in this construction community and we get the “extra mile” from them, because they like working with us. They know what we expect, they do their jobs and we help them be successful. It proves to be a benefit to your project.


Commitment/ Relationships:

Every project is important to the overall success of our company. As we continue to grow, establishing new relationships with quality client’s, means as much to us as adding and maintaining our own employees. As a company, we are committed to each other and bring that commitment to each project we do. Expanding our portfolio with this project is critical to how we look in this marketplace as well to the foundation of our business. Making owners comfortable with us and performing for you so we can consider your business part of our business, is our priority and goal. There is no better motivator for us.