We elect to have OSHA pre-construction and construction consultations. It improves our awareness of safety and federal standards.


PAR-10 has a low injury rate compared to industry standards. That is due to their strong dedication in upholding the safety and health of their employees and sub-contractors.

They have implemented an effective injury and illness prevention program based on simple, sound, and proven principles. The program reduces the incidence of workplace injury and illness, improves employee morale, increases production, and accomplishes projects in a timely manner while complying with existing laws and regulations. This results in an enhanced business operation with reduced costs, including significant reductions in workers’ compensation premiums.


The supervisors are held to high standards to identify and eliminate any noticed or known hazards within the work place. We comply with OSHA regulations and other regulatory governing bodies, and have sent all of our supervisors to the OSHA 30 hour Construction Safety Program. Our supervisors conduct routine job site inspections to identify any potential hazard, and have the authority to shut down the job or eliminate the hazard immediately to prevent a worker from being injured. They conduct routine “tailgate” safety meetings to heighten the employees’ safety awareness and to identify potential hazards through the phases of the job. Near misses are reviewed to determine ways to eliminate an injury or mishap from happening in the future. Injuries are investigated immediately to eliminate future injuries.


Our Union workers attend annual required training programs to understand the hazards of the job tasks and how to eliminate or reduce their exposure to the hazards. To maintain a safe work environment, the union members maintain a drug free work site by being enrolled in a drug / alcohol program. Our workers have the right to review any product’s MSDS at any time to prevent chemicals and other hazardous products from compromising their own health and safety. In the rare case of an injury, PAR-10 promotes a light duty program to keep the employee involved within the company while in the healing process.